The Americans had a saying that "Football was a kick in the grass." 

Well this match was a kick in the long grass on a warm sunny afternoon. It was never going to be a quality passing game, finishing 1-1 and gaining our first point of the season.

Copsewood took the lead after only five minutes, when a Danny Fraser corner from the right was headed forcefully into the net by Matthew Burt. Dale O'Donnell thwarted Southam's attack when the ball was moved quickly from right to left. But chances were few and far between.

Southam equalised when a long throw was touched into the far corner of the net by Alexander Baird.

There was a bit more action in the second half. Dale narrowed the angle and made a good save from the advancing Southam No. 9. While a Danny Fraser cross was laid back to Kelvin Mathe and his volley was well saved. Dale was again called into action to turn the Khamisi Lightbourne's shot around the post.

Southam sent a ball over the top which Jack Rooney blocked for a corner. While Danny Fraser left a few defenders trailing in his wake as he cut inside. But his effort came to nothing.

So a 1-1 draw is a start and we have our first home match on Saturday against Uttoxeter Town.

Copsewood subs: Jack Cunningham for Sam Kirby, Ross Wimbush for Jake Upton, David Akinuli for Kelvin Mathe.

Southam Utd team:- Nathan Carro, George Swain, Jermaine Henry, Paul Holland, Ben Nicholson, Alexander Baird, Ross Knight, Luke Mason, Khamisi Lightbourne, Lee Kelly, Tommy Weston. 

Written by a club volunteer. Opinions expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily those of Coventry Copsewood FC.